Chicken Tenders Love me tender, love me true.

Only the best part of chicken for you! $6.00


The snack bar at Crenshaw Springs Water Park is named

for the honorable W.F. “Jack” Moody, White Hall’s first mayor, who served from the city’s incorporation in 1964 until his retirement in 1982. Wherever Mayor Moody

went, his canine pals were never far behind,

earning him the nickname, “Two-Dog Jack.”


Slice a Pizza Mama Mia! That’s-a pizza!

Choose cheese or pick pepperoni. Either way, $4.00

Crispito This tubular temptation fills your mouth with south-of-the-border flavor! $3.00

French Fries Betcha didn't know crispy potato sticks could acquire a foreign accent! $4.00

Nachos This is nacho ordinary chips-n-cheese sauce combination, by Jack! $4.00

Snack Pickle Torpedo your taste buds with sweet/sour deliciousness! A big dill at only $1.00

Pickle Sickle Walk on the wild side with a bold-flavored frozen summer favorite! A two-fer: $1.00

Texas State Fair Corn Dog From where everything’s bigger, a crusty-wrapped hot dog stuck on a stick. $3.00



Bill’s Lemonade $4.00

Gatorade $3.00

Soda 20-ounce. $3.00

Bottled Water $3.00

Dippin’ Dots® Flash-frozen beads combined for a taste of sweet-n-creamy YUM! $5.00

Shaved Ice So cold, crunchy and sweet, for the brain-freeze everybody loves. $3.00

Johnny Freeze Cream Ice® Can’t decide if you want something creamy or icy? Here’s the best of both! $5.00