Cottonmouth Curse

crenshaw creek

crenshaw express

deep doggie dive

diamondback dive

Don’t-fall rock wall

squirrel’s nest

turtle tot spot


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Do You Know How

Crenshaw Springs water park

GOt its Name?

                      “Crenshaw” was given to the natural spring-fed creek in what is now

                        White Hall, as it was believed the land through which the creek flowed had

                          once been owned by a family named Crenshaw. In the 1800s, people

                            traveling by horse and wagon from Little Rock to Pine Bluff would stop

                             at Crenshaw springs to enjoy the clear water. Whether swimming,

                             washing clothes, or watering their horses, travelers often returned

                             to the area because they knew “good water” flowed there.

                             Attracted to the clean water, travelers began settling around the creek.

                            Eventually, the settlers built a small, one-room structure for church

                         services and group meetings at the top of the hill next to the spring.

                        As the building’s clapboards had been painted with whitewash, everyone

                       in the area referred to it as the “white hall” and it became the most prominent

                    landmark. In 1964, the community officially became a city, and the town was

                 named the City of White Hall in honor of its history.

            As the water park was being planned, officials wanted to honor the heritage of the

        White Hall community and settled on Crenshaw Springs Water Park, hoping that the

“good water” would continue to bring new travelers to the area for recreational enjoyment.


1-DAY PASS: Kids (age 3 & under) FREE; Ages 4-64, $12; Ages 65+) $10; Active Military $10

  10-visit PASS: No age or residency restrictions $100          season PASS: White Hall School District residents only $55  

May 25 thru Summer, Open Daily 11AM-7PM, Sunday 1-6PM

Cottonmouth Curse
Crenshaw Creek
Crenshaw Express
Deep Doggie Dive
Diamondback Dive
Don't-Fall Rock Wall
Squirrel's Nest
Turtle Tot Spot

Jack Crenshaw says,

“Click on my water tube

to sign up for specials!”

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